Ugrás a tartalomhoz


The strategic aim of Perfekt is to present its services in the international market. We are aware that a prerequisite of this aim is to make our portfolio and services suitable to international standards. We develop our products in accordance with this, and wish to meet these requirements in our customer relations.

We devote high priority to three fields within our international relations- and market expansion activity:

  • Development of a training-, consulting- and publishing activity that entirely fits to the EU requirements. As a part of this, programs are developed together with other EU member states, schools, consulting companies, thus can be offered to our partners with the participation of reputed international trainers.

The EU has been supporting more of our applications for its different Funds. In one of these projects we aim to develop and implement a specialised e-training programme, and the complementary e-Mentoring service for SMEs working in the IT sector in EU.

Our other project will result to form a common platform for discussion and exchange of information on present and new methods of sign language training and educating deaf adults.

Through our tendering and fund-raising activity we keep widening the number of co-operating partners.

  • It is also our mission to share the last years' experiences of Hungary and Perfekt experts'- regarding the changes to modern market economy - with those CEE countries that are to face the early problems of the transition. We are proud that several times we could successfully take part in the invitations to apply for the Funds of the USAID, the Democratic Rights Development Fund, as well as the ODA (Official Development Assistance program of OECD). Our references include training of experts from Croatia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Georgia, and Iraqi. In the framework of the Balkan Stability Pact signed by the EU and the USA, Perfekt has been asked to transmit its expertise in the region.
  • Our undeniable aim is to get new markets, new resources for our company, as well as new partners. To achieve this goal we keep broading our tendering and fund-raising activities and expand our services through our international branch offices.