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Perfekt - the knowledge base

Knowledge we know, nowadays the economic growth is based on a new resource and that is KNOWLEDGE. It can be kept being innovated, extended and is the basic element of growth and success.

Life-long-learning is essential to create a knowledge-based economy and society; it is what facilitates a competitive economy, conduces to employment; and the best way to avoid discrimination. Our purpose and mission is to help our students to create a complete and successful life.

Perfekt is a consulting, training and publishing enterprise offering its services according to the needs of the clients, which is the key element of its continuous success on the Hungarian market. There is only one common requirement of the broad range of services offered: the high quality of services.


Our principles and keystones

We would like to keep strong, trust-based relationship with our customers in order to provide them timeless and valuable knowledge for the rest of their lives.

Continuous development and innovation
We are able to provide complex and comprehensive development projects in many special fields according to the requirements of the market.

Tailored services
Based on our experts' experience gained in Hungary and Central Europe we offer our services to meet the requirements of our customers.

"Constancy and change"
"Conformity and result"
"Service and commitment"
- These all together is simply Perfekt.