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Sanoma Learning and Literature

Education is one of the cornerstones of national development and is not limited to areas, markets, or lifetimes. It is a lifelong process from pre-school onwards. Knowledge and competences are of major importance to all European countries in the joint effort to remain a strong continent. Currently the focus in education is on improving its quality and making it accessible to all people. Education has many stakeholders: schools, teachers, pupils/students, consumers, companies, governments and so on.

Sanoma Learning and Literature - more than a publisher

Sanoma Learning and Literature wants to be more than a publisher by adding real value for its customers. We see our role as one of the leading educational businesses in Europe serving customers by offering a broad range of educational products and services and enhancing education by making learning processes attractive and effective. Sanoma Learning and Literature wants to be the best in its field for the benefit of customers, employees and all stakeholders.

The group consists of companies in the Netherlands (Malmberg), in Belgium (Van In), in Finland (WSOY Oppimateriaalit) in Poland (Young Digital Poland and Nowa Era) and in Hungary (NTK, Perfekt).

Sanoma has made changes to its organisational structure of educational and book publishing. The Sanoma Group comprises now of five divisions: Sanoma Magazines, Sanoma, Sanoma Learning and Literature, Sanoma Entertainment, and Sanoma Trade. The organisational structures of Sanoma Magazines, Sanoma, Sanoma Entertainment, and Sanoma Trade do not change.


Looking for growth, synergies and new businesses

Sanoma Learning and Literature's ambitions require an entrepreneurial culture and open communication to create the right spirit and approach; a common philosophy. International work streams are organized to achieve synergies and strategic cooperation between the companies, simultaneously getting them involved and committed to achieve the best performance.

We are permanently looking for broadening our activities into other geographical areas, especially the CEE markets. In addition to this we are exploring portfolio extension opportunities by establishing temporary international business teams.


An active and dynamic group

We are a strong believer in the growing use of ICT. ICT will definitely act as an accelerator and innovator of education, again focusing on attractiveness and effectiveness. The integration of ICT is a key building block in our business strategy. Our strong market positions and knowledge, promising ICT experiences and innovative intragroup potential (Young Digital Poland) make us very well positioned towards future challenges.

Furthermore, Sanoma Learning and Literature enhances internal cooperation in the following main areas:

  • developing modern educational concepts
  • sharing content and tools
  • consolidating and standardizing purchase activities and
  • implementing a group wide IT policy

Sanoma Learning and Literature is challenging the future of education.

Jacques Eijkens