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Running projects
The proposed project will develop and implement a specialised e-training programme on European-level business development for SME managers working in the Information Technology sector. The training programme and the complementary e-Mentoring service will motivate SMEs from the IT sector to seek possibilities for trans-European business development and a more intensive participation in European and international tenders, projects and joint initiatives. The training programme is based on e-solutions adapted to the requirements of SMEs in the European IT sector providing assistance to improve not only the international business skills of their managers and workers but also preparing them to feel confident in the new competitive and multi-cultural environment of the Enlarged Europe.

The SIGN Learning partnership would contribute to the Madrid declaration what regards the deaf society of Europe "Non discrimination plus positive action results in social inclusion" and improve the present sign language and deaf education/training system in Europe. The project partners will form a common platform for discussion and exchange of information on present and new methods of sign language training and educating deaf adults.

Specific goals:
Conduct an intensive research and assess the current schemes to train sign language interpreters, comparing the training of foreign language interpreters and to the training of sign language interpreters, examine the barriers of training opportunities of deaf people and sign language interpreters and the vocational training provisions
Create an information portal that will enable to exchange information between all stakeholders, and provide a basis for future e-mentoring and e-learning solutions
Develop a new training method for sign language interpreter's training together with a curriculum ready for accreditation