Ugrás a tartalomhoz


Our publishing business line is a significant representative of the textbook publication in Hungary; furthermore it is a market leader in the field of financial-accounting books. Our publications deserved popularity in the institutions of secondary and high education, as well as in the informal educational system and at professional and short trainings too. We support our training business line with mainly economic text-, and technical books. We develop and expand our publications continuously according to the feedback of ten thousands of our students. Further to our students even professionals find satisfaction in using our financial, accounting, legal, marketing and language textbooks.

Our authors are well-known representatives and professionals of the national education and business life proving the professionalism of the editions, which highly contributes to the popularity of our books. The editorial committee of our publishing house guarantees the continuous professional quality of our publications and prompt reaction to new challenges. This committee - following the changes of the legal environment concerning economic, financial, accounting issues and vocational training, - forms the book-publishing structure of Perfekt.

Our publishing business line carries out the whole scale of tasks in connection with book publishing and distribution: editorial staff, whole- and retail sales network of technical and textbooks. Besides our own publications the wholesalers offer other publishers' editions for more than 400 customers. Retail shops in Budapest and in the countryside offer mainly textbooks for students and of course other Perfekt-publications, just like other publishers' books for both students and practicing professionals.