Ugrás a tartalomhoz


The vocational training school was established by the Perfekt Academy non-profit company in June 2000. The school started its operation in August this year in three different locations (Szolnok, Győr, Pécs) with 5 different classes, two specializations (4 classes Bookkeeper and 1 class Accounting Administrator, both in faculty of enterprise) and 161 people.

One year later the training activity also started in two other towns: Veszprém and Békéscsaba. The number of the students rose to 425.

In 2002 the number of locations did not change but the range of trainings considerably widened (Financial Executive, Accounting Executive, Marketing-, Advertising Administrator, Customs Officer, Custom Clearance Officer, Financial Administrator). The number of students was 736.

In 2003 the training locations in Szombathely, Miskolc got operational licences and at the beginning of 2003/2004 school year the education started in Nyíregyháza as well with a new training - called Legal Assistant - in regular-, and corresponding form. At this time the number of students was 925 (45 of them were correspondence students).

The vocational training schools' activity is the education of GCSE-based NTR (National Vocational Training Register) trainings according to the schedule of regular adult education. NTR trainings give up-to date skills mostly in different fields of economics, but the fact that the school has even sport-organising manager specialization, shows how wide the range of trainings is. Moreover the NTR examinational requirements, several basic and additional subjects are being taught (e.g.: marketing, business communication, foreign language, IT skills, law of economics, basic knowledge of economics, physical education).

The students get modern trainings that satisfy the needs of labour market; and with this qualification they will have a good chance to get a job after finishing the school. The students participated in high level accredited trainings (Bank Assistant, Financial or Accounting Executive, Legal Assistant, Project Manager Assistant) are exempted from the entering exams or can get more credit points during their future studies at college or university.

In 2006 the school was accredited as an adult educational institution, so besides the education of vocational training school we can also be present in the adult education.


László Demeter