Ugrás a tartalomhoz

Corporate trainings and services

The corporate trainings are of major importance in our activity so we offer professional courses and trainings for skills - development. According to the requirements of our customers we widen our scale of services offered continuously with new training programs.

Professional and short trainings

Within the scope of professional trainings we offer high level, unique trainings for employees, executive and non-executive officers working in any civil service or sectors of the economy. The programs are prepared upon the actual needs and aim to acquire advanced managerial skills while the focus is on professional experience. We organize our trainings in form of open (conference) and "on-spot" at companies' premises. The latter one is organized flexible according to the expectations, abilities and needs of our partners.
Each our programs are guaranteed by the accrediting system of the state.



Our trainings provide a customized solution to the developing purposes of the organizations. Besides the traditional trainings it is also a very important task of the management to ensure the development of the employees' skills continuously. In order that a company would be successful it is essential to pay attention to acquire sales, negotiation-skills and managerial competences besides the theoretical knowledge and skills. Though it is more difficult to measure and develop them, they are necessary for the competitiveness.


Outsourcing activity

Within the scope of outsourcing, reducing the costs of trainers on one hand, and the infrastructure on the other, can optimize the costs of a company. The fact that Perfekt can organize trainings in every county town and even, if required, in smaller settlements is an important advantage for an enterprise with national network.

Furthermore we give a hand to set up an annual training plan on the basis of the company's principles adjusted previously with the management.


Outplacement service

The efficient operation of human resources is inevitably accompanied by staff reduction. In accordance with our traditional training activity we offer to our partners the following solutions as outplacement services.

  • Re-training- all our NTR and other professional or language trainings are suitable for this purpose,
  • Employment consulting (training and consulting)
  • Trainings to become entrepreneurs.